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12- to 24-Inch

Maxxis M-Tread
Maxxis' M-Tread is ideal for abusive street and park riders. The tough bead-to-bead tread can withstand grinding on copings and rails and high-angle cornering. Plus, the high-pressure rating gives added security when landing big tricks.
Maxxis Hookworm (16- and 20-inch)
Take your park and street sessions to the next level with Maxxis' Hookworm. The high-pressure rating and wrap-around tread provide serious durability and traction whether you're carving bowls or grinding rails.
Serfas Drifter City CTR Tire
$30.00 - $33.00
One of Serfas' most popular & best-selling tires. Utilizing a smart inverted tread pattern, the Serfas Drifter is designed to be an ace both on pavement and off-road. With Serfas Drifters you will be sure to feel the freedom and have confidence to ride whatever environment you may find yourself in. - Multi-Sport Flat Protection System - 68 durometer center ridge for long life & 58 durometer sides for enhanced cornering capability - Bead: Wire - Pressure: 65psi
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