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$34.95 $60.00 42% Off
The Serfas STX Inertia Folding road tire is constructed using their Alchemy Compound for lower rolling resistance and world-class grip. Independent testing conducted at Wheel Energy of Finland provided data showing Serfas STX Inertia tires as performing 8.12% better on cornering than the best selling road bike tire on the market. - FPS (Flat Protection System) - Dual Density Tread - Smooth Tread Pattern For Ultimate Performance - 120 TPI 3 Layer Construction - Max Pressure: 130psi
Maxxis' M-Tread is ideal for abusive street and park riders. The tough bead-to-bead tread can withstand grinding on copings and rails and high-angle cornering. Plus, the high-pressure rating gives added security when landing big tricks.
Take your park and street sessions to the next level with Maxxis' Hookworm. The high-pressure rating and wrap-around tread provide serious durability and traction whether you're carving bowls or grinding rails.
Giant's Gumwall Road tire features a raised center ridge for a smooth ride and fast rolling. The Gumwall sides add old-school flair to any ride, too.
The Ultra Sport is a road tire built to Continental's high standards for the perfect blend of function, weight and puncture resistance. It sports a strong and supple 180-thread-per-inch, 3-ply casing and is at home in all situations from miles of training to amateur racing to fast centuries.
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